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McDonald’s and Nintendo. I dare you to try to find a better combination.

Recently, McDonald’s and Nintendo teamed up to do a short campaign promoting both of their brands.

Between April 26th and May 22nd, those of us feeling nostalgic to the greatest gaming system ever made and those raising children who can hopefully have the chance to experience the greatest gaming system ever made will be able to do so while enjoying a cheeseburger and fries.

By purchasing a kid’s happy meal you’ll be able to collect up to 8 special Super Mario Bros toys. Each toy is unique in its function. For instance, one lights up in different colors. Go buy some happy meals to to see what they all can do.

The promotion runs along side Nintendo’s release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch, which was released April 28th.

This isn’t the first time that the two have partnered together to promote both brands. Check out some of the commercials in the link if you want to take a trip down memory lane. Anybody remember those commercials?

I remember a few weeks ago in class I made the claim that when the opportunity to team up with another global brand comes up, you take it. The partnership between Nintendo and McDonald’s is a prime example of such.

For this one month campaign that they’re doing, both companies stand to gain  a lot. Whether it’s trying to appeal to those of us feeling nostalgic, or for the new generation of kids that loves Nintendo Switch, the results from the promotion will be great.

It’s a great example of the two companies coming together and using each other’s resources to better place themselves in today’s global market and reach the most amount of people.

I think it’s cool seeing the exact same strategy that was used more than 20 years being used again and more than likely getting the same results. Stay tuned and maybe I’ll deliver the numbers to show if this campaign was effective for either.


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Pizza Hut in China: mid-tier sit down “slow food”

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If I were a kid I would surely want to go to this place again and again, if I had kids, I would definitely bring them here and enjoy their excitement in their eyes as they scroll through the beautiful menu. These are some thoughts from a mom when she goes to Pizza Hut. Even for me, as an adult, I really enjoy eating at Pizza Hut in China.

In US, Pizza Hut is fast food with limited choices and people usually order delivery at home. If you look at the Chinese menu, other pizza you can find soups, pasta, salads, interesting rice dishes, steak, numerous cakes and drinks.Everything looks fantastic on the menu, and as there chains do with great success over and over again.

I think this doesn’t mean pizza hut is bad in US. This attributes to positioning and market strategy in different marketing environment. For Americans, pizza is just basic food and they do not fantasize with it. However, in China, pizza is special western-style food, people has expectation on this. Chinese pizza hut is fantastic but pricy, it is about 3-5 more expensive than having a dinner in regular Chinese restaurants on the street. This is why they locate in shopping centers and have nice servers to serve for you.

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American Company, Global Message.

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Just do it.

Three simple words.

Known worldwide.

I came across this video on YouTube and thought it demonstrates how Nike took its product and made it universal by relating it to everyone in the world.

It’s a really cool watch as Graeme Newell takes you through the marketing process at Nike. He dissects Nike’s 5-step formula for Nike’s marketing. They are 1) First to the challenge, 2) “In the zone”, 3) Doubt & suffering, 4) Re-dedication and 5) Victory. As you watch, things should start to click in your head. Think back to every Nike commercial you’ve ever seen, and you’ll see that Nike’s formula exists and it’s appealing to everyone worldwide.

How does Nike get it to work? By telling a universal story and applying it to all of it’s marketing. By just watching the commercials, one might just think Nike was targeting athletes. It always shows people running, working out, competing, etc. When you listen to the story inside the commercial though you hear a completely different tune. It is one that reaches everyone. Nike empowers you. The talk of hard work, dedication and triumph all speak to people everywhere.

Nike is more than just a trendsetter in athletic apparel, but also in international marketing. Marketers now have to reach its customer base domestically and internationally, and Nike has set the bar at what that takes. From its global message to its 5-step formula, Nike gives the blueprint on what it’s going to take to be stay alive in the age of digital.



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In China, Apple didn’t advertise the red iPhone which is supported by an HIV/AIDS charity

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Apple us website                   


Apple China website

Apple is selling read iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to raise money for the Global Fund to fight HIV and AIDS. In mainland China, the company website doesn’t mention this charity cause. The new products are just presented as special edition red iPhone.

Chinese consumers are disappointed because they thought that Apple would promote this new edition since “China red” is a symbol of Chinese culture. Even some rumors about the causes go around online. Some people points out that this is a huge loss to Apple because they did not take the Chinese market. China has fueled massive growth for Apple, but times have been more difficult lately. Apple experienced a year-on-year decline in mainland China and now it is the No. 4 smartphone vendor by shipments in mainland China after local brands Oppo, Huawei and Vivo.

I did some online research and found some reliable analysis of this issue.  Firstly, sex remains a controversial issue in China, and HIV or AIDS is sensitive topics. Secondly, according to the Chinese law, the foreign non-government organization is not allowed to do any profit earning activities. No matter what the real cause is, I think when Apple advertise its products, they consider about the international marketing environment, the local political environment and so on. They need to decide whether this strategy should be used or not, legal or illegal. However, Apple does not have any official response to this issue.

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Early entry, easy money…

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Nike has gone digital. All digital.

Something that we’ve seen for awhile now is that digital marketing is making its imprint on the world. We’ve reached the point now where it’s king.

In the article “Digital Is The Foundation of Retail Now”, Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker, discuses how digital marketing and selling is the way to sell. Brick-and-mortar stores are a thing of the past and companies who continue to stick with that platform will go the way of the dinosaur.

Parker goes onto say that digital marketing and selling is no longer an additive option for retailers, but the bedrock and the foundation of it.

Stores like Sports Authority, Sports Chalet, City Sports and numerous other companies are prime example of what happens to those companies that moved into the digital marketing space a little too late. For these companies that chose to stay in their ways and hope that brick-and-mortar was the way to go, bankruptcy and decreased sales followed.

The teen apparel brand, Bebe, is shutting down all of its stores and moving to an online presence only. Only time will tell if they’re too late, but I think Bebe missed the boat on this already.

Another key point that the article covers is that even though Nike missed its revenue projections, its Nike Plus Mobile mobile retail app is gaining momentum and the numbers are signaling that consumers spend more online than they do in-store. How much more? More than twice the amount of in-store shoppers.

Overall, it was a short article with a lot of good information. It stuck out to me because it’s a trend that we see more and more today: businesses are too slow to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing and retail on a domestic and international level. It’s silly to me because digital marketing gives you a greater outreach than ever before and companies can do it for less than what they did before, so why not be more eager to move into the digital age?


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