Chinese volunteer to help to solve Denmark’s oyster problem by eating them all

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the Danish Embassy in China used its official Weibo account to complain about how Pacific oysters were taking over its beaches. The embassy playfully asked netizens for suggestions to solve this problem.

This post has more than 20,000 comments. Many Chinese suggests companies to import oyster from Denmark, they also playfully suggest Denmark government should offer visa  and they volunteer to go there and “promise” to eat oyster to extinction.

About several days later, seeing the ravenous response from netizens, the internet giant Alibaba organized some traveler to do taste test. They did live streaming online and posted the videos of the tasting process to popular social media. More and more netizens responded that they hope to join!

The social media influence is really huge! Danish fisherman and tourism industries are already feeling “optimistic” about the impact of the viral news, according to embassy officials.”Since these Pacific oysters took Chinese headlines for more than one week, many local seafood traders in Denmark have received business requests, as many as 10 on a daily basis. Some local travel agencies also provide tailored oyster tours.

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