Chinese volunteer to help to solve Denmark’s oyster problem by eating them all

the Danish Embassy in China used its official Weibo account to complain about how Pacific oysters were taking over its beaches. The embassy playfully asked netizens for suggestions to solve this problem.

This post has more than 20,000 comments. Many Chinese suggests companies to import oyster from Denmark, they also playfully suggest Denmark government should offer visa  and they volunteer to go there and “promise” to eat oyster to extinction.

About several days later, seeing the ravenous response from netizens, the internet giant Alibaba organized some traveler to do taste test. They did live streaming online and posted the videos of the tasting process to popular social media. More and more netizens responded that they hope to join!

The social media influence is really huge! Danish fisherman and tourism industries are already feeling “optimistic” about the impact of the viral news, according to embassy officials.”Since these Pacific oysters took Chinese headlines for more than one week, many local seafood traders in Denmark have received business requests, as many as 10 on a daily basis. Some local travel agencies also provide tailored oyster tours.

Why Starbucks is so “hot” in China?

Starbucks is planning double its store count in China to 5,000 by 2021.

As China develops more internationally, Starbucks attracts consumers gradually as a famous coffee brand in western cultures. The middle class in China has rapidly accepted Western brands because in their minds, western brands is regarded as “premium” brands with high quality products and services. Moreover, some Chinese consumers accept purchases of luxury goods as a means to pursuing quality lifestyles.

Starbucks adapt to local market by satisfying Chinese consumers’ wants. For example, it introduced many tea drinks, it also has specialized holiday products such as “mooncake” for Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Also, Starbucks know how to advertise in local Chinese market.

Starbucks has launched another technology-driven campaign via Weibo, a social media platform with more than 500 million users.The coffee company also partnered with Alibaba, a Chinese company similar to Amazon, to launch an e-commerce site in 2015.



Wanna go international? Market something ridiculous :)

We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying enjoying a quarter pound of goodness and an ice cold beverage with some golden fries. Without any warning, a slice of bacon falls off from the that 1/4 pound burger that was melting away in your mouth. You see it on your plate. It looks amazing, but you know it belongs on that burger. There’s no way you can eat that piece by itself. Bacon deserves fries. With no fork available (because you’re eating a burger and fries and at no point figured that would be necessary) what do you? Frork it.

In another way to stay relevant and market itself as an international powerhouse despite previously declining sales, McDonald’s has introduced the “frork“. On the surface it just looks like another gimmick, but McDonald’s once again shows that it knows what to do to get sales back on track and market its new path.

The introduction of the frork, seen on tv ads and social media worldwide, is a move to bring further attention to McDonald’s new game plan to market its healthier lifestyle selections. I won’t go into the details as far as what the frork actually is since it’s irrelevant and ridiculous and self-explanatory (see the video).

I thought this article was interesting because it demonstrates at the simple marketing strategies McDonald’s uses to attract a global audience. When it comes to product promotions and brand awareness, McDonald’s does as good as job as any. By putting a little piece of plastic that holds three french fries in your bag, McDonald’s once again had the masses talking.

In its attempt to promote its healthier lifestyle campaign, McDonald’s continues to find ways to get free global marketing.

The way McDonald’s approaches product promotion should be a clinic to all international marketing students, business owners and CEO’s all around, especially for those looking to change the public’s perception of you.

McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it (the marketing, not food haha).





It takes two!

McDonald’s and Nintendo. I dare you to try to find a better combination.

Recently, McDonald’s and Nintendo teamed up to do a short campaign promoting both of their brands.

Between April 26th and May 22nd, those of us feeling nostalgic to the greatest gaming system ever made and those raising children who can hopefully have the chance to experience the greatest gaming system ever made will be able to do so while enjoying a cheeseburger and fries.

By purchasing a kid’s happy meal you’ll be able to collect up to 8 special Super Mario Bros toys. Each toy is unique in its function. For instance, one lights up in different colors. Go buy some happy meals to to see what they all can do.

The promotion runs along side Nintendo’s release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Nintendo Switch, which was released April 28th.

This isn’t the first time that the two have partnered together to promote both brands. Check out some of the commercials in the link if you want to take a trip down memory lane. Anybody remember those commercials?

I remember a few weeks ago in class I made the claim that when the opportunity to team up with another global brand comes up, you take it. The partnership between Nintendo and McDonald’s is a prime example of such.

For this one month campaign that they’re doing, both companies stand to gain  a lot. Whether it’s trying to appeal to those of us feeling nostalgic, or for the new generation of kids that loves Nintendo Switch, the results from the promotion will be great.

It’s a great example of the two companies coming together and using each other’s resources to better place themselves in today’s global market and reach the most amount of people.

I think it’s cool seeing the exact same strategy that was used more than 20 years being used again and more than likely getting the same results. Stay tuned and maybe I’ll deliver the numbers to show if this campaign was effective for either.


Pizza Hut in China: mid-tier sit down “slow food”

If I were a kid I would surely want to go to this place again and again, if I had kids, I would definitely bring them here and enjoy their excitement in their eyes as they scroll through the beautiful menu. These are some thoughts from a mom when she goes to Pizza Hut. Even for me, as an adult, I really enjoy eating at Pizza Hut in China.

In US, Pizza Hut is fast food with limited choices and people usually order delivery at home. If you look at the Chinese menu, other pizza you can find soups, pasta, salads, interesting rice dishes, steak, numerous cakes and drinks.Everything looks fantastic on the menu, and as there chains do with great success over and over again.

I think this doesn’t mean pizza hut is bad in US. This attributes to positioning and market strategy in different marketing environment. For Americans, pizza is just basic food and they do not fantasize with it. However, in China, pizza is special western-style food, people has expectation on this. Chinese pizza hut is fantastic but pricy, it is about 3-5 more expensive than having a dinner in regular Chinese restaurants on the street. This is why they locate in shopping centers and have nice servers to serve for you.