Wanna go international? Market something ridiculous :)

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We’ve all been there: you’re enjoying enjoying a quarter pound of goodness and an ice cold beverage with some golden fries. Without any warning, a slice of bacon falls off from the that 1/4 pound burger that was melting away in your mouth. You see it on your plate. It looks amazing, but you know it belongs on that burger. There’s no way you can eat that piece by itself. Bacon deserves fries. With no fork available (because you’re eating a burger and fries and at no point figured that would be necessary) what do you? Frork it.

In another way to stay relevant and market itself as an international powerhouse despite previously declining sales, McDonald’s has introduced the “frork“. On the surface it just looks like another gimmick, but McDonald’s once again shows that it knows what to do to get sales back on track and market its new path.

The introduction of the frork, seen on tv ads and social media worldwide, is a move to bring further attention to McDonald’s new game plan to market its healthier lifestyle selections. I won’t go into the details as far as what the frork actually is since it’s irrelevant and ridiculous and self-explanatory (see the video).

I thought this article was interesting because it demonstrates at the simple marketing strategies McDonald’s uses to attract a global audience. When it comes to product promotions and brand awareness, McDonald’s does as good as job as any. By putting a little piece of plastic that holds three french fries in your bag, McDonald’s once again had the masses talking.

In its attempt to promote its healthier lifestyle campaign, McDonald’s continues to find ways to get free global marketing.

The way McDonald’s approaches product promotion should be a clinic to all international marketing students, business owners and CEO’s all around, especially for those looking to change the public’s perception of you.

McDonald’s. I’m lovin’ it (the marketing, not food haha).





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