Why Starbucks is so “hot” in China?

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Starbucks is planning double its store count in China to 5,000 by 2021.

As China develops more internationally, Starbucks attracts consumers gradually as a famous coffee brand in western cultures. The middle class in China has rapidly accepted Western brands because in their minds, western brands is regarded as “premium” brands with high quality products and services. Moreover, some Chinese consumers accept purchases of luxury goods as a means to pursuing quality lifestyles.

Starbucks adapt to local market by satisfying Chinese consumers’ wants. For example, it introduced many tea drinks, it also has specialized holiday products such as “mooncake” for Chinese mid-autumn festival.

Also, Starbucks know how to advertise in local Chinese market.

Starbucks has launched another technology-driven campaign via Weibo, a social media platform with more than 500 million users.The coffee company also partnered with Alibaba, a Chinese company similar to Amazon, to launch an e-commerce site in 2015.



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